St. Augustine, Sermon 239, early 5th c. AD

 Hospitality is offered on earth to Him who prepares for us a place in heaven, for in the Gospel of John He says: ' In my Father's house there are many mansions. Were it not so, I should have told you, because I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I am coming again, and I will take you to myself.' The Lord of heaven willed to be a Sojourner on earth ; He, by whom the world was made, willed to be a Wayfarer in the world ; He deigned to be a Guest that you might obtain a blessing by receiving Him. When He entered the house as a Guest, it was not because He was in need of shelter.

Julian of Vezelay, Sermon 16, 12th c. AD

"I was a stranger and you welcomed me." The just is hospitable ... Why wrinkle your forehead, frown your eyebrows, pucker your nose and look steadfastly on the ground? Put a smile, instead, upon your face and your heart, knowing that "God loves a cheerful giver" (II Cor. 9:7), remembering that Cleophas compelled him to enter, him who was about to pursue his way (Lk 24:13 ).

William of Bourges, Book of the Wars of the Lord, ch. 23, written ca. 1235

Jeremiah prophesied upon the Lord’s journey to Emmaus: “Leca atanu miqueue israel”, which means: We have sinned against you, the hope of Israel, our Savior in times of trial. Why will you be as a stranger, God on earth, and as a traveler that diverts to stop for a night? (Jr 14: 7-8). The prophecy was fulfilled when the disciples said to the Lord:Stay with us, Lord, as the evening has fallen and the day is on the decline” (Lk 24:29). And David, in the person of Christ: I became an unknown person to my brothers, a stranger to the sons of my mother (Ps 68:9). And again: Do not keep quiet, because I am a stranger with thee and a sojourner as all my fathers (Ps 38:13). And again: I am a stranger on the earth (Ps 118:19)...

François Mauriac, Life of Jesus, ch. 27 (written in 1936)

  Who among us does not find the inn of Emmaus to be a familiar abode? Who has not walked this road one evening when all seemed lost? Christ died in us. They had taken him from us: the world, philosophers and scholars, our passion. There was no more Jesus for us on the earth. We were following a way, and someone was walking by our side. We were alone and we were not alone. It is evening. Here's an open door, the darkness of a room where the fireplace sheds light upon the clay floor and makes the shadows move. O broken bread! O breaking of the bread accomplished in spite of so much misery....