Frequently asked questions about Emmaus

1. On what basis can Emmaus-Nicopolis be considered the place of the apparition of the risen Jesus mentioned in the Gospel of Luke? ›››

2. Why is it written in the Bible that Emmaus "was from Jerusalem about threescore furlongs" (i.e. 60 stadia, ca. 12 km, 7 miles), while Emmaus-Nicopolis is situated 160 stadia away from Jerusalem (ca. 30 km, 19 miles)? ›››

3. Could Emmaus mentioned by Flavius Josephus at the distance of 30 stadia (about 6 km, 3,5 miles) from Jerusalem, be the New Testament Emmaus? ›››

4. Why is Emmaus described as "kome", a village, in the Gospel of Luke, while Emmaus-Nicopolis is known from Flavius Josephus as a regional centre (toparchy)? ›››

5. Some people say Emmaus-Nicopolis is too far from Jerusalem, so it would be impossible for the two disciples to walk to Emmaus and back to Jerusalem on the same day, especially taking in consideration that at the moment when Jesus came with Cleopas to Emmaus, "it was toward evening, and the day had been far spent" (Luke 24:29). ›››

6. They say that Emmaus-Nicopolis was mistakenly identified as the New Testament Emmaus by Origen, who introduced the version of 160 stadia into the manuscripts of the Gospel of Luke. Eusebius of Caesarea and St. Jerome followed him in his error ("Onomasticon" of Eusebius, translated into Latin by Jerome). ›››

7. Why do they say, Emmaus is at Qubeibeh or Abu-Gosh? ›››

8. Who was the second disciple of Jesus on the way to Emmaus?›››